Month: August 2023

Daily Music Photodumping


Twenty-five weeks and counting now. Despite the constant heartburn (hello Rolaids, my old friend…) and the little bouts of insomnia I have been having, things have been going really well. My son is very active, quite rambunctious. I’ve had two extra ultrasounds now, because he has been too wiggly and uncooperative for the ultrasound tech to see his heart structures (as part of the anatomical study). I have another ultrasound next week, so fingers crossed that he cooperates, because I really hate having to lay there for 45 minutes and go through all that prodding for nothing. It’s very uncomfortable, to say the least. I still haven’t heard from the obstetrics group in Kamloops, which has been a little bit disheartening, so I’m at a bit of a stand still as far as delivery plans go. Public Health has been really supportive, and I’ve been seeing a social worker to assist with travel and whatnot. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks.

Last week, my Charlie and I took a little evening trip to Kamloops to see Merkules at the Nightshift on 5th club. It was Charlie’s first time seeing him, and my third. I had never been to the club before, so I didn’t know what to expect, but it was really, really nice inside and the staff were exceptional. It felt a bit weird being in a nightclub as a pregnant woman, but I wasn’t the only one (there was one other), and the bartenders didn’t charge me for my Coca-cola. I really enjoyed myself, and I was happy that he sang both “Way Down” and “Gon Die” from the Trust Your Gut album, which are two of my favourite songs (and that album is my favourite). It was really nice to see him again, he always puts on a good show, and it was double nice to get out of the house and spend quality time with my Charlie.

I wasn’t able to get VIP this time, like I did when I saw him in 2018 in Prince George, but that was okay. There’s always next time. 🙂

I’m so glad it’s the weekend. My plan is to work on the baby’s room, and at least get it ready so that I can start getting the furniture in there so Charlie can build it. I’m planning on getting the crib bedding and some more clothing when I next get paid, and it will feel nice to finally have that room set up and ready to go before the snow hits. With the weather being what it is at the moment, I predict the big snows are going to start sooner rather than later, and I don’t want to be worrying about moving things and getting things ready when the snow inevitably hits.