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Update to my previous post: I responded to Harriet. In hindsight, I should have just ignored it, but I think if I’d done that, she would have found another way to reach out. I simply told her what Emilie’s feelings on the matter were. I thought I was pretty polite considering, and I know it wouldn’t have gone well if I’d said what I really wanted to, so I did make an real effort to be polite. She responded immediately by trying to gaslight me, and she went on about how she’s trying to “be an adult” and they’ll “respect Emilie’s wishes” and blah blah blah word vomit bullshit. Because she immediately tried to gaslight and be patronizing, I’ve made the decision to just leave it alone. I said what I said, I meant what I said, and I have nothing more to say on the matter. It wouldn’t surprise me, really, if she reports back to Emilie’s birth father or if he put her up to this to begin with. I archived the conversation and I’m not giving her anymore of my emotional labour.

Things have been a bit up and down lately. Norovirus is currently tearing its way through my house, and thankfully I am now mostly over it. I don’t know where I picked it up from, because I’ve been by myself at work and haven’t really gone anywhere else, but I came into contact with it somewhere and it got me. It got me really, really good, starting last Friday morning. It came on so suddenly that I was confused as to why “that” was happening.

Thankfully I’m now mostly over it. I just feel terrible because both Emilie and Charlie have it now. Emilie vomited in the truck on the way home yesterday, so we had to pull into a gas station so I could clean her up. Poor little dear was so grey, she looked like a lump of clay. Wasn’t too hard to get her to stay home and rest, but I’m going to try and get some Pedialyte into her later on. That might be a bit of a fight.

Autumn has transitioned from sleeping in mine and Charlie’s room to sleeping in her crib in her own room. It’s been an adjustment for me, because I’m so used to her being within an arm’s reach at all times, and I’m right there when she needs anything. Charlie invested in a pretty sophisticated baby monitoring system to ease my mind, and it’s been quite fun to peak in on Autumn and talk to her through the camera. I will never get enough of this:

Sleepy one-eyed pirate.

This weekend, I need to put her curtains up and do some more decorating in her room, but the transition has gone really well so far. The bassinet that she was sleeping in was a pretty snug space, so I thought that not having that snug feeling would make it hard for her to sleep, but it doesn’t seem to phase her at all. I went in to check on her early this morning, and she was completely sideways with her limbs thrown every which way. Takes after Charlie in that way, I guess, LOL.

Going to be working more on the yard this weekend, as well. I might take some pictures of my progress if things go well. I have to get the lawn mower out of the garage and get it functional for a quick mow, too. As long as the deer cooperate and let me work, I should get a lot done this weekend. My next big project is to get my hands on a small chainsaw, so I can get the fallen trees cut up into more manageable pieces and get them all picked up. With fire season already here (thanks global warming), the faster it gets done, the better. And then once the fallen trees are done, I can start taking measurements and planning for the new fence and (maybe – possibly) my chicken coop.

Here is my latest earworm to share:

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