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I have been obsessed with this song since I first heard it and I must share it here with you all. Spotify only allows previews now, so please check out the full version if you like what you hear. I can’t get enough. 🙂

I hope you all are doing well. This week is going to be me busting my butt to get ready for Sol Invictus. I finally got the tree organized, now I just need to decorate it. I’m going to be doing some baking this week, with gingerbread men (or “gingerdead” men as my Emilie calls them because we always end up making them into zombies) being the big project to end the weekend. I figure if there’s anything that I miss, I’ll make a list to finish it all off next week. I have to talk to my sister about dinner still. She said that she was making it, but knowing my sister, something will come up and the ball will be thrown back to me. Not that I mind. I enjoy making turkey dinner.

As long as I can get at least a little sleep, I’m hopeful that I’ll get everything done. Autumn hasn’t been too generous with allowing me to sleep. My Emilie is excited and that’s enough for me to get excited and make it a celebration for her, even if it means I’ll be dragging myself around. Not to mention, this is Autumn’s first Sol Invictus, so I need to make it special for her, even if she won’t remember it. I wish the rest of my family cared about it, but it is what it is, I suppose. This haven’t been the same since my mom passed, and it sucks because often times it feels like I’m the only one trying.

I get the last week of December off, between Sol Invictus and New Years, and I am really looking forward to it. I never get time off, and I’m going to take advantage. Catch up on housework, spend some time with my daughters, prepare some witchery for the new years and get caught up on my covenwork. I’m also going to set aside some time to devote to this little space… get some graphics made, some content added, etc. I don’t care if anyone visits this blog, because I keep it for me, but it would be nice for the occasional soul that does visit to have some content to look at.

Anyhow. That’s all from me for now. I will post in the next few days with pictures of what I’m up to. 🙂

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