My mood as of late.

So, it took like… six months, but I finally heard back from the obstetricians in Kamloops. They refused my referral, saying that they were at capacity and they couldn’t take me on. They said that the only way they would deliver my baby was if I showed up to the hospital while in labor.

To say that I was rather perturbed is an understatement. My doctor was even more mad than I was. She redirected my referral to the obstetricians in Prince George, to the hospital there. She sent it in on a Friday, and they called me Sunday morning. They want me to come up to Prince George on either November 18th or 19th, and my induction is scheduled for November 20th. I don’t know how long an induction takes – they said it can take as much as an hour, up to three days – so I don’t know how long I’ll be staying.

I’m relieved that there’s finally a plan in place though, and I have some dates to countdown to. I meet with the team in Prince George on November 8th, as a bit of an introduction, and I’m just… so relieved. To have to rip down to Kamloops while in labor was something I was dreading I would have to do and the longer things drug on, this would have been the most likely of scenarios.

Shows just how broken the BC medical system is, though.

I see my doctor again tomorrow (because Friday the 13th – why not), so hopefully they have sent more details to her for us to discuss.

The baby’s room is almost complete. All the furniture has been built and what not. I just have to do another vacuuming, and to start filling up the room. I haven’t bought too many toys yet, but I’m going to invest in a toy box, and I still need to fill up the change table with diapers and wipes, etc. I’m going to hold off on setting up the bedding in the crib until it’s closer to the time of baby’s arrival… I don’t want to run the risk of my cats somehow ninja-ing their way in and making the crib a napping spot. They’ll be more discouraged to do so if there’s nothing soft for them to lay on.

I’m so happy that tomorrow is Friday. This week has been utterly exhausting, and all I want to do is spend time with my Charlie and bomb around the house. My coven is doing a pretty big ritual in the next coming weeks, right before Samhain, so I also need to start preparing for that. We’re going to be going pretty heavy into the shadow work this fall and going into the winter, which is something I thoroughly need.

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