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It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

I seem to be having one of those days where I just… cannot concentrate, for the life of me. Not even with two coffees down the hatch. Must be the lovely and gloomy fall weather we’re having. I’d much rather be outside walking around and enjoying it, than stuck inside at work, typing this on my lunch break. I would go and walk around now, but there is a huge anti-trans protest going on around the block and I don’t want to fight anyone today.

I’m so happy that it’s fall. With Mabon tomorrow, I’m almost giddy, because this is my favourite time of the year. Mabon, Thanksgiving, Samhain, and then the transition to winter and Yule. I am starting to nest, which is good timing, because there is so much to be done with baking, cooking, getting the baby’s room in order, and getting the yard cleaned up. I am currently 29 weeks into my pregnancy, and I only have 10 weeks left, so I’m hoping to using this nesting feeling to get everything I can possibly get done done, and when it’s time to have my baby boy, I’ll be well rested and surrounded by pumpkin chai and Dutch apple bread.

I am still waiting to hear from the obstetrician in Kamloops. With there being 10 weeks left in my pregnancy, I’m a bit skeptical that I will at this point. I have another appointment with my antenatal doctor coming up on the 28th, and I’ll talk to her about it, but in the event that things go the way they seem to be going… my only option seems to be that when I go into labour, I’ll just have to show up at the local hospital and if they want me to go to Kamloops so bad, they can arrange a transfer there for me at that time. The entire thing is so stupid, if you ask me. Nothing has gone wrong, my hypertension is controlled and my baby is perfect, but I’m still “high risk” because of my age. During my employment at the hospital, the oldest woman I saw give birth was 41, and they had no issues delivering her baby. They gave me their reasoning, and I get it, but the entire thing is unfair and stupid. Thank goddess that my Charlie is super supportive of me, because if I was doing this along, I think my hair would fall out from dealing with all of this nonsense.

There’s been a lot of new music coming out lately, and the one I’m most excited about is the new Carnifex album that’s going to be dropping on October 6th. This is the second single they’ve released so far:

Brutal, right?

I’m going to keep sipping on this pumpkin latte and toddling along. I hope you’re all doing well and enjoying this time as much as I am. 🙂

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