Daily Witchy


Blessed Deipnon, everyone. With the new moon in Cancer, it’s a time for setting new intentions and self-nourishment. I don’t have any large rituals planned for tonight, just a small ritual of meditation, self-reflection and journaling. (With my baby fatigue, I don’t really have the energy for much more than that, LOL!) I found this affirmation on The Holy Witch instagram account, and I think it’s appropriate for the energy of this new moon:

‘I nurture, nourish and protect myself, and my loved ones as sacred. I call in blessings of love, prosperity and abundance.’

It’s beautiful, am I right?

I started my year-and-a-day journey with the Coven of Lilith this past Saturday. I was a bit nervous, but of course, my anxiety was for nothing. Elena split us into two coven groups that we’ll be working in, and all of the women I’ll be working with seem to be lovely so far. After our first gathering, I am actually really excited about this journey I’m about to embark on. It’s going to be a lot of hard work, but I’m totally here for it. I’m not sure how much of it that I’ll be able to share, because the material isn’t to be shared outside of our coven groups. I plan to share my own poems, prose, and spells here, but maybe I’ll also do reviews of the third-party books we read. Some thoughts to throw around.

Today also marks the halfway point in my pregnancy, at 20 weeks.

I still can’t feel baby kicking from the outside, but I certainly feel it on the inside. The heat has been making me feel a bit miserable, and the wildfire smoke just adds another layer to that misery. In addition to all the fans I’ve got going, I might be getting an AC unit for my bedroom this week, so that will definitely help.

I had a call with the public health nurse today, and she mentioned that when I meet my OB for Kamloops, to ask them to refer me to the social worker in the hospital I’ll be delivering at, so that financial assistance can be coordinated for the time I have to relocate to Kamloops. If it’s possible to get that, that would be such a weight off of my shoulders. I’m still going to start saving, just in case, but even just a little bit funding would help.